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ECABS Annual Awards 2018

Coming up in just over a week, we will be holding our annual ECABS National Breastfeeding Month Awards Night.

Please come out to Sacred Heart Hospital Auditorium, Thursday, August 16th, at 6:00pm for our Award Reception. Two women have been chosen this year for the Frankie Mims Spirit of Service Awards for their support of breastfeeding in our area for many years.

Joan Kirby has been a breastfeeding advocate in our community for many years. She worked in Baptist Hospital nursery in the early 70s and at Sacred Heart in the old women’s hospital as well as in the current hospital for several time periods in the 70s and 80s returning for the last time in 1987 and worked in postpartum, nursery, and lactation along with teaching childbirth classes until she retired in 2013. Joan was instrumental in forming the first lactation and childbirth education program at Sacred Heart. She has assisted families over those many years by teaching classes, forming, leading a breastfeeding support group, and helping moms with breastfeeding as an IBCLC. Joan is known for her kindness and patience when it comes to supporting families. Many people know her in the community and love her for what she has given of herself.

Our second awardee is unable to attend this year and has chosen to have her plaque presented at next year’s ceremony.

The Frankie Mims Spirit of Service Award recognizes and honors individuals, like Frankie Mims, whose dedication, volunteerism, commitment, and leadership significantly contribute to promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding as a vital part of the health and development of children and families.

The award recipients recognize breastfeeding as an important health issue, and work with others to support the rights of women and children. All types of breastfeeding advocates, including lay persons, lactation consultants, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and physicians are eligible for this award.

We purchase our award plaques from Accolade Designs.