2009 Steering Committee

Information listed below was current at the time of our planning meetings in 2009. Some of the committee members are no longer in these roles as listed below.


Dr. Julie DeCesare, MD is the Assistant Program Director with the Florida State University Residency program at SHH-Pensacola.
Donna Maxwell, MSN, CNM, ARNP works as a Nurse Practitioner with the Women’s Clinic at SHH-Pensacola.
Dr. Sharon Seidel, MD is with the Florida State University Residency program at SHH-Pensacola.


Dr. Pam Klein, MD is with the Pensacola Pediatrics practice, and her office is in Gulf Breeze, FL.
Mrs. Cindy Reeves, MSN, ARNP is employed as a Pediatric NP at the Gulf Breeze office of Pensacola Pediatrics.

Family Practice:

Dr. Ronda Yoder, DSN, ARNP is employed as an Adult NP at Gulf Coast Primary Care in Pensacola.

Lactation Consultants:

Mrs. Elaine Condon, RN, IBCLC is a Lactation Consultant at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola.
Ms. Regina Humphrey, IBCLC is the Lactation Consultant at Sacred Heart on the Emerald Coast in Destin.
Mrs. LeeAnn Montaina, RN, IBCLC works as a Lactation Consultant at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola.
Mrs. Anne Sanborn, BA, MPH, IBCLC is the Breastfeeding Coordinator for WIC at Escambia County HD in Pensacola.
Mrs. Karen Shelton, RNC, IBCLC is the Coordinator for Lactation Services at SHH in Pensacola.
Mrs. Jen Wowk-Ward, IBCLC is a Peer Counselor at Escambia County WIC in Pensacola.

La Leche League Leaders:

Dr. Sarah Leatherman, DC is a Chiropractor and Director of Women’s Health at Suncoast Healthcare Professionals in FWB, FL. She was a LLL leader for the Niceville FWB area until 2010.

Nursing Faculty:

Mrs. Lynette Kortness, RN, MSN is a Nursing Faculty member at PJC in the maternal-child division.

Perinatal Nurses:

Mrs. Kelly O’Brien, RN, BSN is a perinatal nurse at WFH and is completing a NP course in Women’s Health at this time.
Mrs. Niki Dey, RN is the Patient Care Manager for Women’s Health at SHH-Pensacola.

Invited members currently unable to serve:

Mrs. Carol Durham, RN, MSN, IBCLC is a Lactation Consultant in private practice who works at Eglin Air Force Base in FWB.
Dr. Erica Frank, MD was a Pediatrician with West Florida Primary Care in Pensacola in 2009.
Dr. Marie John, MD has a practice in Milton, FL at the Watson Alternative Health Center.
Ms. Debra Mathis, MSN, ARNP is a Family Nurse Practitioner with the North Florida Medical Clinic in Baker, FL.
Miss Frankie Mims, RN, MSN, IBCLC works as a Lactation Consultant at Navy Hospital in Pensacola.
Dr. Joseph Peter, MD is a Pediatrician with a clinic in Crestview, FL. He has privileges in Pensacola, Destin, and Panama City.
Mrs. Cheryl Repel, RN, IBCLC is the Healthy Start Coordinator for Bay County in Panama City, FL.

Steering Committee members: Go HERE to access Steering committee business.