Each pillar/committee would focus on their category, receiving input from coalition members and associate members. The coalition members would make decisions and present to board members.


Chaired by Treasurer. Record keeping of coalition expenses and donation. Members involved in fundraising/grant writing.

Healthcare Providers:

Emphasize education of HC providers: committee needs to have at least 1 each of OB, Ped, FP, LC, NP, and perinatal nurse for representation. Develop Resource page.


Emphasizes educational outreach to schools, patients/clients, presence at health fairs, & community events.


Working with businesses/having a voice in local/state government (get out petitions, email members with issues), Business case for breastfeeding


Website, meeting minutes, newsletter, other means of organization of the coalition.


Governance Structure

Board Members:

President, V. Pres., Secretary, Treasurer: Their responsibility is overall mgt of coalition, maintaining mission/vision, overseeing working committees, outreach to potential members, launching additional pillars, overseeing financial/fundraising endeavors, handle administrative issues.

Board initially (within first 6 mos.) pulled from Steering Committee with volunteer (?) appointment and at least a year obligation for each member (renewed yearly), followed by yearly elections. Need a Steering Committee chairperson right away to direct coalition.

Coalition Members:

Each coalition member would be a member of at least one pillar (each would need a committee chair person). Members would report to the Board the activities of each committee.

Associate Members:

Members who do not have the desire or time to be a working committee member, but desire to share ideas with a committee. May still engage in volunteer activities.