Breastfeeding coalitions are groups formed to enhance the support, protection and promotion of breastfeeding in a given region or state. There are several international coalitions as well as a US coalition. Many states have their own coalitions and there are local or regional coalitions inside the states. These organizations should and usually do work together to support and provide training resources, advocacy and other support for healthcare providers, moms, and other relevant groups.

Another group of associations that are closely related are the Lactation Consultant Associations. These are also international, national, and statewide organizations. The focus of these organizations is more on providing professional resources and advocacy for the profession of Lactation Consultants. To find links to these organizations, please go to the USLCA website, where there are links to the various state chapters as well as the International Lactation Consultant Association.

United States Breastfeeding Committee

State Coalitions

Regional Coalitions