Lactation Consultant Info

  • International Lactation Consultant Association:
    Lactation Consultants provide some of the best support that mothers need. This site provides great info for anyone interested in becoming a Lactation Consultant. It also provides a resource list of board certified Lactation Consultants who have chosen to be listed, so one can locate a consultant where they work or live.
  • United States Lactation Consultant Association: This site provides a large source of information for Lactation Consultants in the United States. There is information about conferences, advocacy, and educational resources, as well as links to state chapters.
  • International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners: This is the resource for seeking certification as a lactation consultant. Information can be obtained here about the requirements for certification, requirements for maintaining certification and the complete listing of all board certified lactation consultants.
  • Courses for LC Preparation should be approved through the Accreditation and Approval Review Committee (AARC) on Education in Human Lactation and Breastfeeding. AARC, jointly sponsored by ILCA and IBLCE, is the formal accreditation and approval body for education in the lactation consultant profession. It is hard to privately maintain an up-to-date list of these programs, so the best place to look for this information is on the ILCA website.