Tips from the Trenches

by Dr. Becky Saenz, MD, FABM, IBCLC

Dr. Becky Saenz is a member of the AAFP Breastfeeding Advisory Committee and a current USLCA/ILCA member. She is the director of the Mississippi Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic in Madison, MS. She has four breastfed children; her fourth, Samuel, was born prematurely in the fall of 2008. Dr. Saenz experienced first hand initiating breastfeeding with a pump. The information in these handouts are very easy to read and well organized. Dr. Saenz has given approval for these handouts to be reproduced for educational purposes. She has included a cover sheet to keep with the handouts. Becky’s email is saenzemail. She welcomes you to email her if you would like to receive additional “Tips from the Trenches” that she develops.

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  1. Hi I am Priscilla a nurse from Ecuador South America, I am Childbirth Educator ICEA, doula and IBCLC. Sometimes i need to ask problems about my breastfeeding moms, and there is no one who can help me. I would like to know if i can write to you my problems and have your advise.

    thanks a lot


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