Breastfeeding Handouts in Other Languages


  • Resources to order : This site maintained by the Indiana State Department of Health identifies sources for ordering a variety of breastfeeding handouts and other resources in many different languages.
  • Italian, French, Spanish, and Portugese : These handouts from the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition address several topics: Skin-to-Skin contact, Making Milk: 10 easy steps for success, Discharge Instructions and a Breastfeeding checklist. Free downloads, tear sheets available for purchase.
  • Vietnamese Breastfeeding Handouts : This Vietnamese language resource was developed by California as breastfeeding education pamphlets to be given to pregnant Vietnamese women. Myths associated with breastfeeding and problems seen during breastfeeding, as well as factors that might deter Vietnamese women from breastfeeding, were concluded to be the major issues to be addressed in the materials.