mPINC Results

CDC has developed a new system, the National Survey of Maternity Care Practices in Infant Nutrition and
Care (mPINC), to survey all labor and delivery service facilities in the United States in an effort to monitor maternity care practices associated with successful breastfeeding promotion and support. The first survey was sent out in 2007. Surveys were mailed to every birth center and hospital with registered maternity beds throughout the United States. The survey includes questions about maternity practices related to labor and delivery, breastfeeding assistance after birth, mother-newborn contact, newborn feeding practices (i.e., whether healthy breastfeeding newborns are given breast milk only or things other than breast milk, such as infant formula, water, or glucose water, while in the birth facility, breastfeeding support after discharge, staff breastfeeding training and education, and structural and organizational factors related to breastfeeding care. Responses for 2007 were received from 2,690 birth facilities, for a response rate of 82%.

In 2008, those results were first reported. The MMWR article reports the prevalence of different maternity
practices for the US overall, by state, and by facility size (number of annual births). The primary finding from the analyses is that there are substantial prevalences of maternity care practices that are not evidence-based and that are known to interfere with breastfeeding. In short, many US birth centers and hospitals are not providing optimal maternity care that is fully supportive of breastfeeding. State mean total scores ranged from 48 (Arkansas) to 81 (New Hampshire and Vermont), which indicates that no state achieved the highest possible overall score of 100.

Further results from different perspectives have been reported since that time. Recently, in 2010, the CDC sent reports out to the states providing individual state information.

The initial survey was followed by the development of an ongoing, systematic data collection system for the continued assessment of nationwide breastfeeding-related maternity care practices every other year. Comment was requested in 2008-9 about the process and how to revise the data collection plan prior to the 2009 surveys being sent out. That information was incorporated into revisions to the survey content and methodology and the 2009 surveys were dispersed last year. Those findings have not been reported at this time, but we are awaiting those findings with much interest. Below you will find general information about the mPINC study as well as various reports that have been derived from that data.

The CDC website has a great amount of information that is available for reading and download. We have included some items on our website below, that aren’t on the CDC website. Check out the CDC website.

2008 Report which covers the methodology and results of the study: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, Breastfeeding-Related Maternity Practices at Hospitals and Birth Centers – United States, 2007. published June 13, 2008

The June 2008 Results – as they were presented to State Breastfeeding Coalitions by the CDC in a Powerpoint:

Reports by Practice and by State Summaries are available on the CDC website.

Reports by State: In 2010, states were sent summary documents on their own results. We have access to Alabama and Florida, so are including that below. If we get other states’ summaries, we will add them later.

Methodology for 2009 Survey: